Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Downhill Winners/Prizes/Sponsors and the first Media Dump!

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Sorry about the delay, but here's a huge stack of info for you to digest. Skip to the end for the Media dump. Drop me an email/comment if you have an album I haven't included!

Downhill Winners & Sponsors

  1. Joe Baldwin - Mindless Velocity deck, Kook vest
  2. Shaine Fourie - green Paris trucks from, Kook vest
  3. Liam Fourie - Venom wheels from, kook vest
  1. Billy Curran - Mindless Peche, Kook vest
  2. Francis Dent - Paris Trucks & brake sole from Newton's Shred
  3. James Wright - Wheels, NEwton's shred
IFCRA Buttboard
  1. Will Stephenson - Dangerous Deckes IFCRA Cup, flapjack, old mars bar
  2. Lance Martins - Ninja tool, bushings vouncer from
  3. Pete Davies - wheels from Newton's Shred
  1. Grant DuPlessis - Bearings from Mindless
  2. Imran Shaikh - Bearings from Newton's Shred, copy of Thrill mag
  3. Phil Wildman - Bearings from Mindless
Mini Moto
  1. Joe Baldwin - Dangerous Decks Boy Racer
  2. Shaine Fourie - DAS Industries tee
  3. Liam Fourie - DAS Industries tee
Special Mention
  • Cristina & Mary - Racing in the open, - Mindless bearings
  • Tristan Price - Racing in the open instead of the groms - Thrill teeshirt

Okay, so here's the bit you've been waiting for: MEDIA DUMP TIME! Check out these links, and give the photographers some props. Remember, if you want to use an image from outisde facebook (or even in facebook), ask. 1) it's polite, 2) give them props for their photo/skillz, 3) avoids copyright lawsuits! Any sponsors looking to use images, please contact me directly ( and I'll see what I can do. A video frame will be up soon for addition to videos.

Alec Brown:
Facebook, pictures

Andrew Turner
Facebook, pictures

Des Fisher, ( has taken some ace snaps! Be polite and ask before you use them. Also, check out the rest of his work on the website, lots of rollerderby and previous Hog Hills.

Mark & Michelle Brosnan
Mark's Flickr and Michelle's Flickr

Dangerous Decks
Facebook, pictures

Mini report by Ben Stainer, of London Longboards

Newton's Shred
Facebook, Photos

Joe Baldwin @ Thrill Mag Mini edit
Vimeo, innit.

Dan Hayes, mini edit
It's on youtube!

Ethan KD's edit
More youtube

Sam Gordon
Facebook, pictures

Sam Holding and Jack Watson, taking pro-stylee pics for magazines. These didn't make the cut, but they're still RAD photos

And that's it for now!

Peace and Love!
Timmy @ DAS Industries

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mega thanks from Timmy @ DAS

That was one ace weekend - I'm still knackered, and there's loads more admin stuff to do - 

Photo props to Sam Holding
Thanks one and all for coming along, kudos to whoever decided to bring the sunshine. Mega Thanks to Sam Gordon and Rob Ashby for starting the whole Hog Hill thing off and continually inviting us non-slalom folk back time and time again. Thanks to those who slalom for putting up with us leather-wearing weirdos ;)

Thanks for being (mostly) resonsible and tidy and the campsite - special thanks goes to Louis Selby and Tristan Price for their effort in the morning. The rest of you chip in more next time! Remember - Drink responsibly, and then recycle the empties! But seriously, thank you all for behaving at the campsite. Lambourne End Centre were happy with the way it went, so polish your halos and practice your innocent looks again for next time!

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors, namely Octane Sport and Newton's Shred without whom these events would not happen, alongside our other sponsors listed below:
  • Arthur Dexter
  • Anthony Pritchard and the XSS crew
  • Jorge Higgins
  • Louise Roberts
So yeah, a huge thanks to you all for riding hard, riding safe, being awesome, signing up beforehand, being really good with having waivers and consent forms to hand, getting through the heats and fighting so hard for cake in the scramble! I got three runs in but I'm mega stoked for the rest of the year. I hope you all made it home safe and that I'll see you all again soon!

Do a skate!
DAS Industries

Monday, 27 May 2013

Rob's Racing Roundup


The UKSSA returned to Hog Hill for the first race of the year at The Crackling, a joint UKSSA/DAS Industries event.  Timmy Peters and DAS Industries organised the Downhill and Longboarding side of things while Team GB stalwart Sam Gordon took care of the lions share of the arrangements for the UKSSA – including some much appreciated grovelling to the management at Lambourne End. This was required owing to a few “incidents” by persons unknown at last years Hogtoberfest which threatened to end our established association with the camp site carefully nurtured by Sam over the last few years. Octane Sport, the UKSSA’s premier sponsor provided the start ramps, timing system, prizes and as ever a veritable plethora of toys – thank you Michael. 

With ever changing weather forecasts and Sunday looking “a bit iffy” for the GS we wanted to complete the Hybrid on Saturday that way if the weather did turn we would at least have results in the bag. To speed things up a bit we decided to cut to the top 8 for the A group with the remaining 16 racers making up the B group. With Paul Price back in the US and Bruno recuperating back in his native Brazil competition for the top spots would be interesting.

UK slalom legend Jim Slater came along and helped out with the cone counting duties taking his place at the timing table along with spreadsheet whizz Paul Keleher who was manning the laptop.  

In the round of 8 Louis cruised through easily despatching Sam Slaven, Jason Martin was looking on good form but despite his best endeavours lost out to Pig City’s Mmedo who was looking all fired up.  Lush/Van Dem gnarly all-rounder Harry Phelps knocked Paul K. out with a fast stylish flowing run and in the battle of the librarians Sam Gordon beat Paul T-C to book his place in the round of 4 against Louis.

In the first heat Harry just edged past Mmedo in a very fast, close race the other heat saw a tied run with Louis leading Sam by just one cone as both riders crossed the line in 15.36! In their second run Mmedo had a great run and crossed the line ahead of Harry, but it was Harry that went through to the final with a margin of just 0.08 and despite a clean run and a really fast time Sam was pushed into consolation round position by Pavel teammate Louis by just 0.03. So it would be the young guns to face each other in the final. Their first run was incredibly close with Louis (14.550 + 2 cones) going into the last run with a 0.2 advantage over Harry (16.650 + 3 cones). The second run was closer still; both racers really powered through the course sending cones flying in their wake, Harry crossed the line with a time of 14.160 and Louis 14.170 it looked like it would be down to the cone count. Both riders had hit 6 cones but with his advantage from the first run it was Louis that took the top podium spot. Sam took third place after Mmedo DQ’d in his first run leaving the deficit too big to make up in his second. 

In the B group up and coming Hyde Park rider James “Lo-Rider” Ritossa, looking to further his slalom racing experience at Hog Hill, despite some cone spraying was looking confident. I was locked in friendly rivalry with Paul Coupe who alas I didn’t get to race head to head with. He went out to Aumary Dumont whose Hyde Park practice sessions were now paying dividends. By the time the field was whittled down to the last four the sun had broken through. I was to meet James in the final and Tim Neal was paired against Aumary in the Consolation round.

Despite finishing just behind James in the first round his cone count meant I would take a 0.16 lead into the second run…but would it be enough? As we left the ramps I just got the edge on him, but he was soon level with me. As I made my way back up the hill from the finish I could see James was shaken but not stirred and up on his feet again. In the consolation round things went bad for seasoned racer Tim Neal as he double DQ’d leaving Aumary to take a well earned third place.

As we started packing up the sun was blazing down on us, the perfect end to a perfect afternoons racing; a smooth set up and quick turn around in the rounds and a speedy breakdown, thanks to all who helped, it makes things so much easier. 

Sunday brought a welcome sight over Lambourne End – a bit of blue sky and the sun peeping through….Oh and lots of bubbles!

After customary Hog Hill bacon butties and coffee and with the GS set, practice was underway. Most riders yours truly included were finding a couple of the offsets particularly challenging and vital to get right if you were to remain on line for the next set.

Practice over, rider brief briefed and with a very bleary eyed Paul “Li’l Ol’ Wine Drinker” K. at the timing table the GS started. Sam seeing an opportunity to snatch a coveted Hog Hill GS victory donned his Lycra and climbed the ramp. Mmedo had set the mark to beat with his first run time of 24.270. Sam’s time of 23.910 with just one cone penalty stood until Harry crossed the line putting in a 23.740 with one cone. Louis could only manage 23.830 but hit three cones. Even running clean Sam was unable to improve on his first run time; Harry however was with his clean 23.770 run. So with just Louis to go everyone’s attention was focused on the clock at the top of the hill, could Slipa pull something special out of the bag? He pulled hard off the ramp and accelerated into the course, 23.090 seconds and one cone later he crossed the line taking 1st place, a truly great ride by theUK number 1. 

Big thanks go out to: Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their continued support and all the good toys they bring, to Sam who started it all and continues to do sterling work on all our behalves - much of it unseen, Paul K. for Timekeeping, Mmedo and Louis for the courses, Jim for all round assistance and cone counting (and the fine display of how a Turner should be ridden). Big thanks also to Timmy Peters and DAS Industries for their work on the sign up, organising the freeride and downhill elements and generally being good eggs and a pleasure to work with and for helping assure the continued success of these events. Paul Coupe for the lift, banter, show and tell and being a good rival on the hill, to all the Ian, Sylvia and the Staff at Redbridge Cycling Centre, Tony and staff at Lambourne End - Special mention to Louis and the clean up crew for sorting out the hut and recycling on Sunday morning and finally to all the racers that made it a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
Oh and to my GS Mojo…..for coming back and not deserting me in Stuttgart!

Lessons learned:
  • Don't try to knee slide without pads! (James)
  • Nigel's Fibreflex doesn't turn, Tony's Turner does (Jim) - footage soon!
  • Lycra is no substitute for the speed and agility of youth (Sam)
  • Set up separate recycling bins for glass, cans, paper, card and plastic on arrival at Lambourne End so we don't have to sort rubbish out when we pack up!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Travel Info, and some Camping Reminders

Hey all, Hope you're all looking forward to next weekend; I've compiled some travel info for you people out there, so have a look through!
Just in case you forgot, the Redbridge Cycle centre's address is:
Redbridge Cycling CentreForest Road, Hainault, Ilford, IG6 3HP 

Public transport

The bit of the central line you're 
looking for. Stratford has been
 left in for reference
  1. Planned Underground works aren't happening on the nearest tube lines to the centre, so yay for that.
  2. Your best bet is NOT walking from Fairlop station (map route here, cheers google), it's actually from Hainault station, with a bus connection (assuming you're coming from central london, if not see 4)
  3. If you're already using an oyster card for your travel, the bus is a good option. If not it's still a good option. Google will help you plan a journey and the TFL Buses website will let you know how much it'll be, and if it's on time
  4. If you're coming in from Southend or Essex in general, consider that there's buses from Romford station that will get you to the centre.


Driving to the centre is pretty simple, there's plenty of parking (but it's a good idea to keep valuables hidden or with you). Now google also has a relatively accurate traffic info system (see here) which will also work in google maps on your phones. 

Remember! If you have an old van/camper (pre year 2002 reg I think), in which case you'll want to look at Low Emission Zone homepage and the map is HERE! The low emission zone has to be skirted around to avoid being fined. Luckily, the centre is on the edge of the zone, and with a bit of planning you can easily avoid any potential fines.

Lifts to/from the campsite

I'm afraid we don't provide these, so you'll have to work them out yourselves; normally someone will be willing to give you a lift, but try to arrange it before the end of skating, as the centre has to close promptly at the end of the day.

The campsiteLocation: here!

Some lucky campers with a steel tent!
Pic credit to Sam Holding
The guys at Lambourne end have been very kind to let us come back once again after some unfortunate incidents at Hogtoberfest. I'm looking forward to it because it's always a good atmosphere, but this time especially we've got to be well behaved so we can continue to use this awesome, close venue for our camping. If you're told anythign about site access, or told to do/not do stuff by lambourne end staff, spread the message, and do as they say, so we all stay cushty :)

Additionally we are NOT allowed to use any of Lambourne End's wood to make the traditional campfire. If you want to have the fire, we recommend you bring some dry, clean wood (ie unpainted,untreated) with you to cook your marshmallows over/melt your camembert cheese under, and it shouldn't get to "bonfire" stage. We've got to keep the site tidy, and remember to do your washing up before you leave Sunday morning, as we have to be all out of the site because of a sponsored dog walk using the field, and none of you want dog poop over your tents.

Looking forward to seeing you all again, get hyped!

Timmy @ DAS Industries

Cracklin' Schedule:

What's occurrin?'


12:30 Registration/ Briefing
13:00 Track open/ Freeride activate
14:30 Jorge Higgins slide jam (on an out of the way slope)
15:00 Dual Hybrid Slalom Qualifiers and Racing commences
15:00 -16:00 Longboard Workshop for those interested (see Timmy)
17:?? Stop riding, off to campsite
(18:00-00:00 no drama, everyone's well behaved!)

09:30 Signup/ Hangover Club/ Race Signup open
10:00 Track open/ Dual Hybrid racing continues
11:00 Race Signup closes
From here on times are approximate, subject to Giant Slalom timings
11:30 Buttboard & Grom Races
13:00 Freeride
14:00 Open Races
16:00 Prizes + Happiness
17:00 Clearout